Nash Recreation Center – Open.  Reservations Required.  Park Amenities – Partially Open.

Restore Illinois – Phase 4 Re-Opening

Restore Illinois Phase 4

Phase 4 allows the recreation center to resume operations at limited capacities and gatherings of 50 people or less.   The Oregon Park District developed Phase 4 procedures and will continue to make changes as necessary and as more details are released by the governing authorities.  Below are our current operating schedules by reservation only.

Nash Recreation Center Phase 4 Guidelines

  1. Nash Recreation Center will be open to members only due to capacity limits imposed by IDPH. The District will evaluate the capacity limits and determine if we will reopen to all users or continue to restrict use to members.
  2. Nash Recreation Center hours will be adjusted to Monday – Friday 5:30 am-7:00 pm. The facility will be closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Drop in use of the facility will not be allowed. The lobby will remain closed for in-person registration.  Registrations can be completed online or by calling 732-3101.
  4. All members will be required to complete an updated facility waiver.
  5. Members will be required to make a reservation for use of the pool, fitness center, gymnasium, TRX Room, and racquetball court.
    1. Reservations will open 7 days in advance for each facility location.  Reservations can continue to be made on a ‘rolling’ 7 day advance period.
    2. Members can reserve (1) – one-hour time slot per day. Reservations can be made online or by calling 732-3101.  Members will be required to notify the District if they are unable to attend their reserved time slot by calling 732-3101 or emailing  Due to the limited number of reservations available, failure to notify the District may result in a temporary pass suspension.
    3. Time slots will be available in 1-hour increments with a 15-minute buffer in between to allow staff to clear the facility and conduct necessary cleaning prior to the next group arriving. All areas will be closed 1-2 times per day for a minimum of 1 hour for a thorough cleaning, in addition to a deep cleaning at the end of the day.  Full facility schedules are available on our website and through our online reservation system.
    4. This parameter will also allow the Oregon Park District to effectively perform ‘contact tracing’ should an individual be identified as COVID-19 positive.
  6. The number of available reservation times will be limited per facility type based on capacity limits imposed by IDPH. Members arriving early will not be allowed to enter the facility until 5 minutes prior to their reserved time and will be encouraged to wait in their vehicles.
  7. Reservation limits will be:
    1. Fitness Center – 30 Participants per time slot.
      1. Machines will be a minimum of 8 feet apart and certain machines will be taken out of service to allow for proper social distancing.
      2. All users must be entering 7th grade or older to use the fitness center.
      3. Fitness Center lockers will remain closed.
    2. TRX Room – 4 Participants per time slot.
      1. Machines will be a minimum of 8 feet apart and certain machines will be taken out of service to allow for proper social distancing.
      2. All users must be 18 years of age or older to use the TRX room.
    3. Fitness Classes – Social distancing guidelines must be met. Maximum of 8 participants and 1 instructor will be allowed and all classes must be held in the River Room.  Drop-ins will not be allowed. Outdoor classes will have a maximum of 9 participants and 1 instructor.
    4. Pool – Open for lap swim and water aerobics only.
      1. Lap Swim – 1 participant per hour per lane using a reservation system during scheduled times.
        1. All users must be 7th grade or older.
      2. Water Aerobics – 15 participants and 1 instructor per hour using a reservation system and proper social distancing at all times.
        1. All users must be 18 years of age or older.
      3. The spa will remain closed.
      4. The pool schedule will be evaluated monthly and may changed based on attendance records and patron demand.
    5. Locker Rooms – Shared locker room space is limited to registered participants of the pool. All other use is restricted.  There will be no locker use allowed.
    6. Racquetball Courts – 2 Participants per time slot/court rental.
      1. Face coverings are required during play.
      2. All users must be 12 years of age or older.
    7. Gymnasium – Open for Pickleball, Basketball, and Walking.
      1. Pickleball – 4 Participants per court.
        1. Paddles and pickleballs must be checked out from the Front Counter to make sure all materials have been properly disinfected.
        2. All users must be 18 years of age or older.
      2. Basketball – 10 Participants per court.
        1. Face coverings are required during competitive play.
        2. Participants must bring their own own.  No rentals will be available.
        3. All users must be 12 years of age or older.
      3. Walking – 6 Participants per time slot.
        1. All users must be 12 years of age or older.
    8. Existing pass-holders that find the limited facility scheduling cannot accommodate their needs can request a prorated refund online at Members can call 732-3101 with any questions.
  • Facility access is limited to a single point of entry for users. Members are encouraged to use the Exit doors located by the fitness center entrance when leaving the facility.
  • Prominent, easy to read signage is posted at the entrance and throughout the facility regarding customer responsibilities, including social distancing, personal hygiene, and sanitation of equipment, encouraging the use of face coverings and advising those with any symptoms of illness not to use the facility.
  • All public seating options are removed in the lobby, hallways, fitness center and snack bar to discourage congregating in groups.
  • Thermal temperature readings are taken upon entrance to the facility for all staff and patrons.
  • Directional signage is placed on the floor to help guide patrons and control the flow of traffic.

General Cleaning and Precautions Procedures

  1. All doorways able to be propped open will remain open in the facility to allow for less contact of common surfaces.
  2. Sanitizing stations will be located throughout the facility. Members are encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility and before and after equipment use.
  3. The Oregon Park District has completed a facility inspection and has implemented a planned replacement to all touchless systems, including all soap dispensers and automated door operations.
  4. Custodial staff’s primary responsibility will be keeping sanitation supplies stocked and cleaning frequently touched surfaces throughout the facility. These surfaces include, but are not limited to:
    • Handrails & door handles   
    • Hooks
    • Foot pedals
    • All high contact areas
    • Weights
    • Credit Card Readers
    • Bathrooms/Locker Rooms
    • Touchscreens or Buttons
    • Lockers

Parks, Greenways, Open Spaces

Oregon Park District manages over 150 acres of parks, greenways, and open space.  The parks department is responsible for maintaining these assets.  While the COVID-19 pandemic gained momentum, OPD led the way in establishing closures, posting signage, and promoting CDC guidelines with the public and employee safety at the forefront of the decision making.


Playgrounds will be reopened during Phase 4.  Playground re-opening will require staff to resume regular operations of playground maintenance.  The following protocols will be followed:

  1. Resume weekly playground safety inspections by qualified staff.
  2. Pick up playground of litter, debris, or sharp objects in, around and under all playground features and dispose of in the proper trash receptacles.
  3. Empty trash cans. Use disinfectant to disinfect the waste receptacle lids.
  4. Fill safety surfacing from thicker areas back into worn areas such as under slides or swings.
  5. Public will continue to be advised of social distancing guidelines and proper hygiene with signage.
  6. Public shall place trash in proper receptacles and clean up personal items after use.

Splash Pad

Splash pad will reopen during Phase 4 and in unison with re-opening of playgrounds, restrooms, and dog park.  Splash pad re-opening will require staff to resume regular operations of pad maintenance.

  1. Resume daily splash pad safety inspections.
  2. Public will continue to be advised of social distancing guidelines and proper hygiene with signage.

The Splash Pad will close for the season on September 8th.

Park Restrooms

All outdoor restrooms are now open for public use.  Outdoor drinking fountains will remain turned off.  The District has prepared custodial operations that will be implemented.  Custodial operations for cleaning restrooms are a step by step process outlined below and should be completed daily:

  1. To minimize staff interaction with the public, restrooms will be closed while being cleaned.
  2. Fogging disinfectant will occur in restrooms daily.
  3. Use duster or broom, dust ceiling, corners, and high ledges.
  4. Spray and wipe down mirrors.
  5. Toilets and sinks should be cleaned daily.
  6. Use disinfectant to spray handles, grab bars, changing stations, dispensers, stalls, latches, toilets, urinals, flush valves and other fixtures or ledges.
  7. Empty out all trash cans and sani boxes.
  8. Refill soap, toilet paper and sanitizer stations as needed.

Park Shelters

Shelters will re-open for public use and be available for reservations in Phase 4, taking into account the social distancing parameters outlined in the Restore Illinois plan.  The following protocol will be followed:

  1. Shelter reservations can only be made by calling 732-3101.
  2. Only one reservation will be allowed per day to discourage multiple groups from congregating.
  3. Shelter reservation signage will be posted when applicable.

Dog Park

Wiggly Field Dog Park will re-open during Phase 4.  The area is a largely shared open space with minimal touch surfaces.  The entry and exit gate should be disinfected daily.

  1. Dog Park Permits for new users may still be purchased by calling Nash at 732-3101.

Fishing Permits

Fishing will continue to be allowed at all Park District river properties if social distancing guidelines are followed.   New Permits may still be purchased online or by calling 732-3101.