Swimming Lessons

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Interested in Swimming Lessons?  View our Activity Guide for session dates and information.

Age Groups and Swim Tests

Levels 1-6 are for ages 3 years and up.  Swim tests can be administered at any Open Swim.  For Open Swim hours, visit our Facility Pool Information page.  Children being tested are not required to pay a daily fee.

Level 1
The focus of level 1 will be on trust, submersion, body position, and air recovery.  This class will be taught in the bay area of the pool.  Students will learn the fundamentals needed to be comfortable in the water.

Level 2
The focus of Level 2 will be on forward movement and direction change.  Students will continue to build their independence in the water.

Level 3
The focus of Level 3 will be on body rotation and integrated movement.  Students will begin swimming full lengths of the pool.  Diving and treading water will also be introduced.

Level 4
The focus of Level 4 will be to perfect the freestyle and backstroke.  Instructors will use drills to improve students’ stroke mechanics.  Water safety skills will continue to be reinforced in this level.

Level 5
The focus of Level 5 will be to learn the butterfly and breaststroke.  Students will learn the proper timing for both.

Level 6
The focus of Level 6 will be on swimming endurance.  Students will work on increasing the distance they can swim.  They will also learn open turns and flip turns.

Starbabies – Ages 6 months – 3 years

The focus of starbabies is to help very young children become comfortable in the water while also teaching the parent or caregiver the importance of water safety.  This class does not teach the child how to become an accomplished swimmer or to survive in the water.  One parents or caregiver must be in the water for each child.

Private Swim Lessons – Ages 3 years & up

Private lessons are 30 minutes of one-on-one instruction.  Students may choose to focus on specific skills or work on all skills required to pass a swimming level.  The number of lessons are up to you.  To schedule private swim lessons, contact the Aquatics Department at 815-732-3101 or aquatics@oregonpark.org.

Adult Private Swim Lessons

Afraid of the water?  Never learned to swim?  Does this describe you?  It is never too late to learn to swim!  Our instructor will work with you one on one for 30 minutes to help you enjoy the water and learn desired skills.  To schedule private swim lessons, contact the Aquatics Departement at 815-732-3101 or aquatics@oregonpark.org.

NEW – Adult Group Swimming Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to swim?  Adult group swimming lessons is for you!  This class is geared towards beginners and intermediate swimmers looking to learn the basic skills of Front Crawl, Back Crawl, or Breaststroke.  Students can work at their own pace to accomplish their swimming goals in a group setting.

Angelfish Program

Does your little swimmer have a disability or special needs?  Contact the Aquatics Department at 815-732-3101 or aquatics@oregonpark.org.  We will work with you to make sure your child has the support they need in class.  Swimming is a lifelong skill that is fun for everyone!