Nash Recreation Center – Closed.  Park Amenities – Closed.

Facility Pool Information

The Nash Recreation Center pool features stairs to a 3 foot bay area attached to a 25 meter 6 lane pool and whirlpool.  Our facility offers five types of recreational swimming: Lap Swim, Multi-Use Swim, Open Swim, Special Open Swim, and Swim Lessons.  The purpose of segregated swim time is to offer and ensure a quality experience for patrons of all age groups.  While certain activities are compatible in a pool setting, others may not be.

Pool Schedule

Lap Swim

Six lap lanes will be available for swimmers 7th grade or older.  Swimming 32 laps is a one mile workout.

Open Swim

All areas of the pool are open for use, including our diving board and basketball hoop.  Pool toys are allow in the pool at the discretion of the aquatic staff.

Multi-Use Swim

Multi-Use Swim is open to all ages, however, children are to be accompanied by an adult, ages 13 or older.  Patrons may swim laps, play in the bay area, water jog in the deep end, or enjoy time in the hot tub.  Swim lessons are scheduled during this time and will have first priority for pool use.  Please be aware that areas of the pool may not be available.


Hot Tub Hours

The hot tub is available for use during the Lap Swim, Open Swim, and Multi-Use Swim. The hot tub can also be used during swim lessons, Water Aerobics, and Twinges classes.  You must be at least 16 years to use the hot tub.  The hot tub is equipped with a handicap chair lift to assist patrons in and out of the hot tub.

Group Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons are offered by Catch the Wave.  During lessons, 2 lanes are open for lap swim and the hot tub will remain open.  The bay area is not available for public use at this time.