Youth Sports Code of Conduct

Parent’s Code of Ethics/Conduct

Helping parents to be aware of their roles and responsibilities and offers ways they can make the youth sports experience more enjoyable and positive is a goal of the Athletic Department in the Oregon Park District.

Responsibilities and Expectations

In order for a program to be truly successful, it takes the cooperation of everyone involved: players, coaches, officials, staff, spectators and especially parents. Parents have the following responsibilities and expectations when participating in any Oregon Park District sponsored athletic program:
1. Parents have a responsibility to their children.
To make sure that your child gets the most out of his or her playing experience, parents should show their unwavering support, including positive reinforcement of your child’s performance and effort. This is absolutely essential, especially at an early age, to ensure their healthy development. Parents should also be positive role models, including, but not limited to, showing proper sportsmanship at all times and refraining from negativity of any kind.

2. Parents have a responsibility to the coaches.
Coaches volunteer their personal time to spend it with your child. They need you to be supportive of their decisions and not undermine their efforts. If you don’t agree with a coach, you are expected to tell that coach, but make certain it is done at the right time and place, in a non-argumentative manner and not in front of the children. Parents are also expected to drop off and pick up their children on time for games and practice, and it is highly encouraged for parents to stay and participate in order to maintain control of the group and to assist the coach as needed.

3. Parents have a responsibility to the league.
Staff cannot be at games and practices of all teams. Therefore, in order to maintain the positive nature of these programs, it is essential for parents/spectators to report any abusive behavior or any other situation that needs to be addressed to staff. This is the only way that these programs can achieve their intended goals.

4. Parents/Spectators have a responsibility to other parents.
Personal gain and satisfaction should not be derived from a child’s performance. Competition and taunting between parents is never acceptable, and no parent/spectator should ever feel embarrassed or disappointed by their team or child’s performance. Good plays should always be cheered, and disappointments should always be consoled, no matter whose team it affects.

For the Oregon Park Districts Youth Sports Athletic Program Pledge and Agreement click here.



Ages 3-5 years

Your child will learn the very basics of baseball in this introductory class. A parent/adult is required to attend each class and may be asked to assist in their child’s development throughout the
program. Every week children will learn a new skill and develop previously learned skills. Catching, running, batting and safety will be taught. Only first 20 participants accepted.

*Registration Deadline 6/1

Code: Date: Time: Fee R/NR:
150010-07 6/7 – 6/28 Th 5-5:45 pm $30/$36 NR





3-14 years
TetraBrazil camps will inspire players to practice and improve their ball control, foot skills and moves that Brazilian soccer is famous for. Our unique TetraBrazil camp programs combine learning, playing, competing and fun and provides players with authentic Brazilian coaching right in their own community. The TetraBrazil curriculum has been designed by our professional coaches and staff to provide players with the same expert level of training received by professional clubs in Brazil. Campers receive a free soccer ball, jersey, poster and camp shirt! Jersey registration deadline is May 4th! The Host-A-Coach program allows you to host a Challenger soccer coach and receive $80 off registration fee! For more info contact
*Registration Deadline 6/11
*Camp will be held Monday – Friday 6/18-6/22

Code: Age: Time: Fee R/NR:
150021-24 3-5 years 1 – 2:30 pm $80/$96 NR
150021-35 6-14 years 9 am – 12 pm $130/$156 NR

3-14 years
Chicago Fire Summer Camps are professional, community-based camps for children of all ability levels, ages 3 – 14 years!  What makes Chicago Fire camps unique?  Chicago Fire Summer Camps are the only camps throughout the Midwest that are operated by a professional soccer club. All Fire camps will follow a curriculum specifically designed by soccer experts to meet the needs of youth soccer players of all ages and abilities. Additionally, all campers will receive a free ticket to attend a Chicago Fire soccer game at Toyota Park, along with a Chicago Fire Jersey, and soccer ball!  Host-A-Coach – The Host-A-Coach program allows you to host a Chicago Fire coach and attend the Chicago Fire Camp for FREE! For more info contact
*Registration Deadline 7/27
*Camp will be held Monday – Friday 7/30-8/3

Code: Age: Time: Fee R/NR:
150021-30 3-5 years 8 – 9 am $80/$96 NR
150021-31 6-9 years 9am – 12pm $130/$156 NR
150021-32 10-14 years 9am – 12pm $130/$156 NR





4 – 9 years
This is an introduction to the fundamentals of basketball instructed by Athletic Coordinator, Calvin Clothier. Youth will develop dribbling, passing and shooting skills in a positive and fun atmosphere! Classes are held at the Blackhawk Center.
*Registration Deadline 9/4
*Camp will be held Mondays, 9/10 – 10/1 at the Blackhawk Center

Code: Age: Time: Fee R/NR:
150011-26 4-6 years 6 – 6:45 pm $20/$25 NR
150011-27 7-9 years 7 – 7:45  pm $20/$25 NR


Ages 4-14 years old
Games will be held in Oregon and surrounding towns on Saturdays and practice will be held during the week at Park West. Practices are determined by coaches. Volunteer coaches are always needed. Please let us know if you have any interest in coaching.

*Registration Deadline 7/20 League Dates: 8/6-10/13
U6 150026-11 Fee: $50  8/2012 – 7/2014
U8 150026-12 Fee: $65
 8/2010 – 7/2012
U10 150026-13 Fee: $65
 8/2008 – 7/2010
U12 150026-14 Fee: $70
 8/2006 – 7/2008
U14 150026-15 Fee: $70  8/2004 – 7/2006

The 6th grade volleyball program focuses on skill development and is an introduction to volleyball. The program will help prepare participants for the Jr. High level of competition.  Practice dates and times will vary depending on the preference of the head coach. Home games are played at Nash and travel to away games is provided by OCUSD buses. 
*Registration Deadline 7/27

Code: Date: Day: Fee R/NR:
150011-04 8/6-9/28 M-F $55/$66 NR

Junior High athletes will develop endurance, improve their running technique, and build team camaraderie. Practices will be held multiple days of the week and meets will be held similar to the high school schedule. Transportation to meets is not provided. Sign up early to ensure you maximize practices before the meets begin!
*Registration Deadline 8/24

Code: Date: Day: Fee R/NR:
150011-22 8/6-10/4 M-F $55