Youth Classes


Enjoy working with your friends to create and perform a wonderful show!  There’s a place for you, whether you’d like to act or just work on the set!  Auditions, rehearsals, and performances will be held at the Oregon Elementary School.  Every child who auditions will have a part in the performance and a moment in the light, all while learning about the art of theater! Dates are subject to change. Need only be present for one audition.

No rehearsal on 9/4, 9/19, 10/5, 10/9, 10/26 nor 10/31

Admission to the show $5 adult/$3 students Free for children 3 and under.

Fee:  $40 Day: Mondays-Thursdays
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260016-47 8/22-11/13 3-5 pm 8/21

Join us at Nash Recreation Center every Monday for a safe and supervised afternoon in the gym. We will have a new sport each Monday guided by an experienced staff member. Drop in and make new friends in a friendly and safe environment. No program: 9/4, 10/9, 12/25, 1/1, 1/15, 2/19. This program is for ages 8-14 years old.
Date: 8/21-2/26 Time: 3:30-5 pm Fee: FREE for members or daily admission fee


Any age

Looking for a unique and fun way to spend time outdoors at our parks? Geocaching (geo-cashing) is an environmentally friendly outdoor recreational activity.  This outdoor treasure hunting game involves searching for hidden objects using clues and GPS (global positioning system) coordinates. There are 9 geocaches strategically placed within and near the Oregon Park District’s parks and facilities.  Enjoy learning and taking in the beauty of these destinations while on your real life treasure hunt for geocaches!  You will need a membership, a GPS device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone so you can navigate to a cache, a pen or pencil to sign the cache log, and you may want to bring an exchangeable treasure!  To start your adventure, retrieve a free Oregon Park District Geocaching Log Book & Guide online or at Nash Recreation Center today!

Any Age

We are combining forces with Candlelight Walk 2017! Join us to decorate our reassembled gingerbread houses. Registration includes 1 kit with house, frostings and candies. Also included at the event will be a full candy bar to add extra goodies to your masterpiece.  1 registration=1 house kit.  You may leave at anytime. Time slots may be assigned if we exceed our capacity.

Fee:  $15/$18 NR Day:  Saturday
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260015-31 11/25 5-8pm 11/18


This drop in service is available for all visitors to Nash to enjoy our facility and stay active while ensuring the safety of your child. Call Nash Recreation Center for more details.

Mondays-Thursdays 430 pm – 730 pm

Any Age

Celebrate National Grandparent’s day with a our 2nd annual family tradition at Nash. We will host an evening of fun geared towards grandchildren and their grandparents. Enjoy pizza and the classic game of bingo!  Open swim begins at 630pm and will also be available to participants free of charge. Yes, parents are welcome to join the fun. Everyone in attendance must be registered. Children under the age of 3 are free.

Fee:  $8 adult/$6 child Day:  Friday
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260015-59 9/8 530-7pm 9/5

3-5 years

Head to the gym and burn off some energy!  In these five week sessions, preschoolers will enjoy free play, gross motor development, creative movement, and fun! Class is led by Amanda Harbaugh. Students enrolled in the morning session of the Children’s Center will be walked directly to gym class!  Children must be age 3 prior to the first day of class.  Classes held at Nash.

Fee:  $25/$30 NR Day:  Wednesdays
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260015-01 9/6-10/4 11-1145am 9/5
260015-02 10/18-11/15 11-1145am 10/16
260015-03 1/10-2/7 11-1145am 1/8
260015-04 2/21-3/21 11-1145am 2/19

walking to 3 years

Let’s head to the gym and burn off some energy!  These five week sessions will include marching, jumping, skipping, and dancing.  Class is instructed by Amanda Harbaugh. Class includes structured play, free play, and parachute time.  Toddlers must be accompanied by a caregiver. Classes held at Nash.

Fee:  $25/$30 NR Day:  Wednesdays
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260015-05 9/6-10/4 10-1045am 9/5
260015-06 10/18-11/15 10-1045am 10/16
260015-07 1/10-2/7 10-1045am 1/8
260015-08 2/21-3/21 10-1045am 2/19

Any Age

Thousands of participants have come to Taft Campus to teach and learn in the outdoors and to experience the vitality and sense of renewal started by Lorado Taft yet those that live closest to it have yet to visit. Join us in an excellent homemade luncheon serving turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, veggies, cinnamon rolls and more served by Taft Campus. An optional tour will be given following the luncheon along with other family-friendly activities throughout our time spent on campus. Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to visit and experience Taft. You may come as early as 1pm and stay as late as 6pm to enjoy the scenery of the campus or simply head out whenever you would prefer. Lunch will be served at 2pm.

Fee:  $12/$14 Day:  Sunday
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260015-59 10/22 1-6pm 10/18

7-12 grade

Join us for our first annual Teen Night at Nash Recreation Center, themed as The Hunger Games. Enjoy the facility exclusively opened to TRIBUTES of teen night.  We will have competitive games in the ARENA, minute to win in games and competitions in our LAUNCH room, PETA’s pool games in the pool. Upon completion of each activity, TRIBUTES will tickets that will be dispersed for a chance to win HUNGER GAME themed prizes!  Pizza, snacks and refreshments will be provided at our CORNUCOPIA.

Fee:  $5 Day:  Saturday
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
N/A 2/24 7-10pm N/A

Any age

Join us on the 2nd annual 2017 TOSOC Scenic Tour Bike Ride passing through some of the most beautiful roads in Northern Illinois. Routes are on quiet, paved country roads with rolling hills, passing beautiful scenery on well-marked routes. A variety of rides are available and all begin at Village of Progress at 710 S. 13th Street. Route 1: 10 Mile Family Fun Ride Route 2: 32 Mile Route Route 3: 62 Mile Route. All proceeds benefit the Village of Progress a non-profit agency providing training opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities. All registerations must be submitted to Village of Progress office or by mail.

Fee:  $30 before 9/1, $40 after 9/1 (children under 12 FREE) Day:  Saturday
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
Register at Village of Progress 9/23 7am-2pm N/A


Join The Village Bakery and their talented staff during the holiday season for an exciting baking experience.  This is a family oriented  program and we invite each youth participant to be accompanied by a parent or grandparent.  Don’t miss this amazing experience to bake up some memories.

Halloween Treats – 10/28

Bring your PreK-K child/grandchild in costume for an opportunity to bake tasty take home Halloween treats.

Holiday Cookies – 12/9

K-3rd graders are invited to bring an adult and bake a dozen decorated cookies to take home.

Fee:  $10/$12 (Halloween) $15/$18 (Holiday) Day: Saturday
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260015-75 10/28 9-11am 10/22
260015-76 12/9 1-3pm 12/3

5-8 grade

Kids are out of school and there’s tons to do at Taft Campus! Join us for a special one-day adventure camp featuring a wide-variety of activities. All activities will be outdoor. We will play games, go through different educational series of activities including nature, outdoor skills and pioneering all wrap around the fun concept of zombie survival. We will also explore unique outdoor hobbies such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in order to survive in the wild. Best part, Taft will be provided a scrumptous homemade lunch to each participant.  Join us for a day to remember at Taft Campus.

Fee: $17/$20 Day:  Monday
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260015-05 2/19 830am-4pm 2/14