Teacher of the Week – Mrs. Kerwin

Elliot Grandia, news anchor for Channel 13 WREX TV, surprised Oregon Park District Children’s Center teacher Nancy Kerwin on Wednesday, April 4. Grandia, with camera in hand, announced Mrs. Kerwin was named WREX Teacher of the Week. Grandia filmed the 4-5 year old morning program and interviewed Mrs. Kerwin.

Each week teachers are nominated by parents, students or community members to WREX. Kerwin was nominated by a student for her 28 years of teaching in the Children’s Center and for having a positive influence on her 3 and 5 year old daughters.

Mrs. Kerwin is set to retire on June 30 after 28 years at the helm of the Oregon Park District Children’s Center program.

The children were excited for a visitor and did a wonderful job citing the Pledge of Allegiance, their names and learning about the chicken eggs in their incubator.

Mrs. Kerwin and the morning preschool class are featured in the news clip below.

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