Board of Commissioners


Steve_Pennock_Image Steve Pennock, President Mark_Tremble_Image Mark Tremble, Vice President
Dave_Bakener_Image Dave Bakener, Commissioner Scott Stephens, Commissioner
Dan_Engelkes_Image Dan Engelkes, Commissioner




Contacting or addressing the Board of Commissioners

Anyone wishing to address the Board of Commissioners on matters not identified on the written agenda are requested to submit notice to the Board Secretary two working days in advance of the meeting along with specific and detailed written information explaining the matter. This will allow the Oregon Park District Secretary of the Board to notify Board Members of issues and allow the Oregon Park District legal counsel and staff to research facts and solutions.  Any other questions regarding the Board of Commissioners can be forwarded to the Board Secretary as noted below.

Board Secretary:  Andrea Messenger
Board Secretary Email:

Our Past Commissioners
Click here for a listing of all the Commissioners that have served the Oregon Park District!

 Contact our Representatives below:

Tom Demmer ~ 90th, State Representative
Tim Bivins ~ 45th, State Senator
Adam Kinzinger ~ 16th, US Representative
Richard Durbin ~ US Senator
Tammy Duckworth~ US Senator


Park Board Meetings: Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at Nash Recreation Center, beginning promptly at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room. The public is encouraged to attend.

For election information click here.

View our archive of past board minutes.