Active Adults Programming


Any age

Looking for a unique and fun way to spend time outdoors at our parks? Geocaching (geo-cashing) is an environmentally friendly outdoor recreational activity.  This outdoor treasure hunting game involves searching for hidden objects using clues and GPS (global positioning system) coordinates. There are 9 geocaches strategically placed within and near the Oregon Park District’s parks and facilities.  Enjoy learning and taking in the beauty of these destinations while on your real life treasure hunt for geocaches!  You will need a membership, a GPS device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone so you can navigate to a cache, a pen or pencil to sign the cache log, and you may want to bring an exchangeable treasure!  To start your adventure, retrieve a free Oregon Park District Geocaching Log Book & Guide online or at Nash Recreation Center today!


This drop in service is available for all visitors to Nash to enjoy our facility and stay active while ensuring the safety of your child. Call Nash Recreation Center for more details.

Mondays-Thursdays 430 pm – 730 pm

10 years and up

It’s winter, there’s snow, and you want a new adventure; a reason to get outdoors. Let’s go out together this season and enjoy the beautiful northern Illinois winter scenery!  The Oregon Park District will provide the snowshoes and transportation. Your only requirement is to dress for the weather. This will be a fun activity for all! If you’ve never snowshoed before, or if you’re wanting to learn more, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the sport and gain experience with the gear and equipment. Child size snowshoes are not available.  Meet at Nash Recreation Center. If there is a lack of snow, we will instead meet to go for a hike together.

Fee:  $6/$7 NR Day:  Saturday
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260015-59 1/13 11am-130pm 1/10
260015-60 1/27 11am-130pm 1/24
260015-61 2/10 11am-130pm 2/7


Join The Village Bakery and their talented staff during the holiday season for an exciting baking experience.  This is a family oriented  program and we invite each youth participant to be accompanied by a parent or grandparent.  Don’t miss this amazing experience to bake up some memories.

Holiday Cookies – 12/9

K-3rd graders are invited to bring an adult and bake a dozen decorated cookies to take home.

Fee:  $10/$12 (Halloween) $15/$18 (Holiday) Day: Saturday
Code: Date: Time: Deadline:
260015-76 12/9 1-3pm 12/3